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About the Kit
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1 Rose/Lavender
2 Putty/Turquoise
3 Raspberry
4 Bronze/Purple
5 Khaki/Lavender
6 Linen/Rose
7 Denim/Turquoise
8 Green/Purple
Kit Contents

Sea Coil Bangle Kit
©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge

Our kits are packaged in a handy but strong plastic case that snaps shut securely. This case is just the right size to slip into your bag if you want to take your kit with you. We carefully label each package of beads or embellishments in the kit so you know exactly what to use for each part of the design.

Sea Coil Bangle Kit ©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge

The kit contains:

  • A complete, row per row instruction sheet.
  • A color Xerox image of Sea Coil Bangle
  • 20 grams 11/0 seed beads for making the bangle
  • 32 faceted 6x9 Gemstone Fire Polish Rondelles for the channel of the bangle
  • 3 colors of 15/0s for embellishing
  • Four 4mm Czech glass rondelles for the closure
  • 2 strands (100 beads) 3mm Czech glass Fire Polish beads for embellishing
  • An assortment packet of Czech glass beads and pearls for embellishing. Approximately 250 beads to include 3mm Fire Polish, Keishi and round pearls, 4mm rondelles, baby cubes and flower spacers. Supplies may change slightly due to availability.
  • 1 Bobbin of beading thread
  • 2 size #12 beading needles (they are taped to the inside right wall of the kit)
  • A handy plastic carrying case

Supplies you will need to complete your bangle:

  • Every beader uses supplies that they feel comfortable with so if you prefer a different thread, please feel free to use a replacement. For the best possible product, please use a color of thread that compliments the 11/0 seed bead.
  • Most threads prefer to be waxed. I use Micro-crystal wax. Using wax lubricates the thread and helps to eliminate shredding.
  • Small, sharp scissors or cutters or a Zapper
  • Work surface of choice
  • Lighting and magnification
  • Beading wax (optional)
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Work surface of choice
  • Lighting and magnification if needed

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