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Bella's Pearls Kit
©2012 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Lavender
White Pearl Chain

2 Olivine
Tourmaline Chain

3 Amethyst
Peridot Chain

4 Garnet
Pyrite Chain

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Bella's Pearls Kit - Garnet - 2012 by Cynthia RutledgeKit #4: Garnet/Pyrite

A garnet CZ with pyrite gemstones on vermeil wire-wrapped chain adds a delicate and romantic touch to this lovely necklace. The bezel around this trillion-cut CZ is pretty and also practical — a sculptural peyote “throne” on the back protects against the stone’s pointed terminus. The bezel’s pearl detailing then draws the eye upward to a scalloped necklace chain of wrapped loops and more pearls.

Color note: This is Cynthia's version of the garnet necklace in the Bead&Button article and it features the mixed metal look of gold and silver with the pyrite gemstones on the gold vermeil chain. To acheive the look of the garnet/silver necklace in the magazine please follow the supply list given on page 39.


Bead&Button Magazine - June 2012Please Note: Bella's Pearls is featured on pp 38 in the June 2012 issue of Bead&Button magazine. The directions for the kit are ONLY available in this issue of Bead&Button. The instructions are not included in the kit so you must have the magazine to complete the kit. 


NOTE: Beads are shown larger than actual size for clarity. Bead colors are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.

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