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1 Black Cherry
2 Fuchisa/Red
3 Salmon/White
4 Lavender/White
Kit Contents

Celtic Garden Necklace Kit Contents
©2000 by Cynthia Rutledge

Celtic Garden Necklace ©2000 by Cynthia Rutledge beaded by Bonnie BrooksOur kits are packaged in a handy but strong plastic case that snaps shut securely. This case is just the right size to slip into your bag if you want to take your kit with you. We carefully label each package of beads or embellishments in the kit so you know exactly what to use for each part of the design.

The kit contains:

  • Row per row instruction sheets
  • 1 color Xerox of the project
  • A handy plastic storage case
  • 11/0 seed beads to make the body of the fuchsia
  • 3-4 colors of 14/0 seed beads (depending on the kit) to make the petals, sepals (they look like fringes coming from the inside of the flower) and the Calyx (the 4-petal covering over the top of the flower)
  • 2 colors of 14/0 seed beads for making part of the necklace, embellishing on the necklace tabs and closure
  • Delica beads for making part of the necklace, necklace tabs and the closure
  • 11/0 seed beads for making part of the necklace
  • 2-3 bobbins of Nymo B thread (depending on the kit)
  • 1 plastic shirt button for making the necklace closure
  • 1 square of suede for the backing on the necklace closure
  • 1 square of Tacky Tape for attaching the suede to the shirt button for the necklace closure
  • 2 size 12 beading needles (these are taped to the inside right wall of the plastic storage case)

Here's what you will need to have on hand to make this kit:

  • Good lighting and magnification (if needed)
  • Beading wax (optional)
  • A pair of small sharp scissors
  • Tape measure
  • A work surface of choice


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