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Intermezzo Kit
©2008 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Gold / Amethyst CZ
2 Gold lined aqua / White CZ
3 Bronze AB / Salsa Flare CZ
4 Bronze lined grey AB / Alexandrite CZ
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Kit # 2 - Gold lined aqua / White CZ - $195

Intermezzo Kit 2 ©2008 by Cynthia RutledgeIntermezzo Necklace uses beautiful, natural and lab-grown, faceted gemstones and high quality CZ's, along with fine metal mountings as part of the design. This process is new to me and very elegant. The bail of the pendant is created in dimensional Lattice Weave then embellished at the top and along the edges. Hanging from the bail is a pendant made with Peyote Stitch, Netting and embellishing techniques. All of these techniques are used to capture a series of faceted gemstones and CZ's for an elegantly shaped pendant.

The pendant is strung onto a strand of pearls, interspersed with beaded rings of dimensional Lattice Weave that are embellished. Some of the rings are set with pearls and gemstones or CZ's. The necklace ends with two beaded gemstone or CZ buttons and a shaped loop closure. The closure connector mimics the design of the beaded rings plus two Peyote stitch loops made using a technique I call "split circle", that divides one tube of Peyote into two and allows each to hook around a button.

NOTE: Beads are shown larger than actual size for clarity. Bead colors are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.


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