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Keyed Up: The Keeper of the Keys
©2011 by Cynthia Rutledge

About the Kit
Photo Details
1 Green gold / Salmon CZ
2 Copper gold / Garnet CZ
3 Blue lined amber AB / Tanzanite CZ
4 Green Metallic AB / Alexandrite CZ
Kit Contents

Kit price - $85

Our kits are packaged in a handy but strong plastic case that snaps shut securely. This case is just the right size to slip into your bag if you want to take your kit with you. We carefully label each package of beads or embellishments in the kit so you know exactly what to use for each part of the design.

This kit contains:

  • 5 grams Delica beads
  • 3 grams 15/0 seed beads for a touch of accent color
  • 200 Swarovski 3mm crystal pearls for the necklace
  • 35 Swarovski 2mm crystals for the key, bail and jump ring embellishment
  • 70 Swarovski 2mm crystals for the necklace
  • 75 flat 3mm metal spacers for the necklace
  • One 10x14mm oval CZ
  • Two 4mm round CZs for the shaft and bit
  • One 4mm round CZ for the end cap on the shaft
  • Three 4mm gold-filled or sterling round, 6 prong settings
  • 1 bobbin One G thread
  • 2 size 12 beading needles
  • Plastic carrying case

Here's what you will need to have on hand to make this kit:

  • Microcrystal beading wax
  • Scissors and a thread burner
  • Terrifically Tacky Tape
  • Craft scissors
  • One wooden dowel (1/2" diameter) or a wooden needle case
  • Jewelry grade chain-nose pliers
  • Lighting and magnification


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