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Steppin' Stones Kit
©2009 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Champagne
2 Garnet
3 Amethyst
4 Lavender
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Kit # 2 - Garnet Palette

Steppin' Stones Kit ©2009 by Cynthia RutledgeSteppin' Stones necklace is reminiscent of a formal garden by beginning with the trillion-shaped pendant as the central commanding focal point, as would a pond, fountain or statue in the garden. The eye is then lead up the necklace by the gem-embellished links that act as the stepping-stones, leading the way to the closure. Three-dimensional Peyote Stitch is used to create a bezel, and a raised triangular shape, upon which the bezeled stone rests at center front. Suspended from the focal point is another set stone that acts as a visual balance to the pendant. Pathways of Peyote-stitched, gem-embellished links comprise the rest of the necklace and lead to two gem-studded toggles that become part of the closure. The links are embellished with Sterling or Gold-filled set gemstones and/or CZ's.

Note: Settings are gold-filled.

NOTE: Beads are shown larger than actual size for clarity. Bead colors are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.


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