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Georgiana's Suite
©2008 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Rose/Gold

2 Aqua/Green

3 Blue/Purple

4 Teal/Copper

5 Amethyst / Amber

6 Copper/Sage

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Georgiana's Suite ©2008 by Cynthia RutledgeKit #3: Blue/Purple

Georgiana's Suite is inspired by the Cannetille style of jewelry. The Suite consists of a necklace made of a beaded mesh, created in Lattice Weave (which is a variation on Netting and Right-Angle Weave), embellished with flourishes created with Peyote stitch, Netting and embellishing techniques. The ends of the mesh are softly looped over one another to close the necklace. Use the lovely dangling components again, by making a pair of earrings to complete the suite. I think you will agree that Georgiana's Suite would catch the eye of any Duchess!


NOTE: Bead colors are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.

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