Lattice Weave Parure Kit
©2006 by Cynthia Rutledge
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1 Rose/Gold
2 Aqua/Lavender
3 Bronze/Green
4 Purple/Silver
5 Linen/Grey
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Kit # 3 - Bronze/Green

Lattice Weave Parure is a lovely beaded set consisting of a long necklace, which separates to form a shorter necklace and a bracelet. The set is completed with a pair of earrings. Lattice Weave is a stitch that is a combination of Netting, Right Angle Weave and Chevron Stitch. It is a lacey stitch that lends itself well to this design. The Lattice Weave chain is interspersed with pearl and crystal components and Lattice Weave flowers, adding texture and interest to the necklace. This lovely necklace has two little toggles that allow a section from the main portion of the necklace to disconnect, and offer a bracelet that wraps around the wrist and closes with a toggle. A pair of Lattice Weave chain and flower earrings adds the final touch.

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Color palette & flower detail:

 Lattice Weave Parure ©2006 by Cynthia Rutledge
NOTE: Beads are shown larger than actual size for clarity. Bead colors are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.


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