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Stones: CZ
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CZ - GarnetCZ
The term "CZ" translates to cubic zirconium (Aluminum Oxide). There are many qualities of stones available that lay claim to this name. Basically, the term refers to a lab grown cubic or crystal that is the hardest natural mineral next to a diamond.

High quality CZ's ranks in at an 8.5 hardness while the diamond reigns at the perfect 10! The highest quality CZ offers such a close resemblance to a diamond that it is hard to tell the difference. One difference is that CZ's weigh about 75% more than a diamond of the same size, so CZ's are measured in millimeters versus carats. Just like diamonds, high quality, well cut stones, make a huge difference in the final product. Amazingly, there are also fake CZ's!

Our CZ's are made from Corundum. This mineral is found naturally growing as a crystal. There are different qualities, of which many are opaque and used for abrasives. But the clear crystals are kept for gems. The crystals occur naturally as clear/colorless, pink, red, blue, green, yellow and violet. These crystals are used for making our range of CZ offerings. They are a great value!
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CZ Lab grown - AlexandriteLab Grown CZ
Once again, Corundum is used, along with the natural chemical structure of the stone to create stones that are high quality, loupe clean and well cut. Our Sapphire, Ruby and Alexandrite stones fall into this category. Our stones use the flux method of growth. This method grows the highest quality and most expensive synthetic stones.
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CZ-CC MoonspellCustom-coated CZ
These CZ beauties are also made from Corundum. They are high quality, well cut and loupe clean. The process used to coat these stones is the most sophisticated method to date. The stones are coated with a thin film deposition surface enhancement; in other words, a luster is added to the surface that is truly amazing. Although permanent, the stone can't be re-cut or re-polished. You can't fire these stones with Precious Metal Clay.
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Tip: When ordering stones be sure to order settings for each stone unless you have another use in mind.

Important Note: Stone colors will vary in intensity due to the natural material. We do our best to match pairs but cannot control the stones. Colors shown on our web site are close but approximate and may vary by monitor type.


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