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Les Filles Du Roi
The King's Daughters
©2013 by Cynthia Rutledge

Les Filles du Roi ©2013 by Cynthia RutledgeThe 17th century was a time of expansion and discovery. The powerful countries of Europe fought to carve the new world into colonies that would provide fertile land and raw materials, benefiting their homeland.

There was a sever imbalance between single men and women in New France. In order to strengthen France's hold on the Quebec colony, Louis XIV sponsored passage for over 700 young ladies to immigrate to New France. Between the ages of 15 and 30, young ladies of good moral caliber and sound health, were given passage, a trousseau and dowry to leave their families and home and settle in the new world. Given the name "Les Filles Du Roi", The Kings Daughters, these young ladies traveled to New France to become wives and mothers. Two thirds of all French Canadians can trace their ancestry back to one or more filles du roi.

This bracelet design, Les Filles Du Roi, is all about the symbolism between the courageous young women who risked their lives to answer the call from their king, and the dangers of crossing the ocean to a new life in New France.

A beautiful cushion cut CZ take center stage representing the expanse of the ocean. The four straps of the CZ embellishment denote the four winds: North, South, East and West. The use of SilverSilk Capture as the surround embellishment represents the course of the brave souls that crossed the expanse of the ocean, to a new continent, and to a new life. The bracelet strap shows the many waves that the ships had to hurdle to safely bring precious cargo to the new world.

Flat and tubular Peyote stitch
Step-up/Step-down flat Peyote stitch

Skill level: Intermediate

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