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Portrait Jeweled Cuff
©2012 by Cynthia Rutledge

Portrait Jeweled Cuff ©2012 by Cynthia Rutledge

In the days before photography, hand painted or carved cameos and intaglios were a way to preserve the likenesses of loved ones, of kings and queens, mythological images, and fictional characters. Carved from gemstones, shell or ivory, cameos offered high relief and are very detailed works of art. Intaglios worked in reverse, as the carver carved into the gemstone for an indented image. Portrait Jeweled Cuff ©2012 by Cynthia RutledgeThe use of vellum (playing cards), mother-of-pearl and ivory allowed the Limner’s (miniature portrait artists) to paint detailed miniature portraits with amazing results.

No matter what the subject matter, these little works of art were used as tokens of affection and regards. They were reminders of loyalty to the crown, of love lost and found, and the intimacy of family (the living and the dead). Men and women wore miniature portraits, cameos and intaglios set into jewelry, so that the images could be viewed easily.

Portrait Jeweled Cuff evokes the style of the early Renaissance and the late 18th to early 19th century portrait style bracelets. A central component is bezeled and surrounded with pearls to draw the eye to the center of the cuff. For balance, two beautiful CZ trillions are bezeled and embellished with beaded leaves, framing the central portrait. All components are attached to a flat peyote stitch base that completely covers a *brass form (see note below).

In the 18th century style, Jeweled Earrings (©2012 by Cynthia Rutledge) would make the perfect accompaniment to Portrait Jeweled Cuff, making for a set, ensemble or parure.

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

This is a 2-day workshop.

*Brass forms: I am having these forms custom made in the USA. I will have three different widths, and more importantly, 3 different lengths. Having the three lengths makes for a custom fit.

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