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Feathers of the Peacock
©2018 by Cynthia Rutledge

Feathers of the Peacock ©2018 by Cynthia Rutledge

With its iridescent feathers and decadent beauty, it is no wonder that the peacock has been the focus of inspiration for many designers, back to ancient times. The allure of these fabulous birds crossed all cultures, from fashionable European designers, creating amazing works of art, to the influence of Japanese designers, creating stunning embroidered kimonos.

Famous designers like William Morris, Louis Comfort Tiffany, The House of Worth and René Lalique, took their inspiration to new heights, creating living spaces, couture clothing, glass art, and fine jewelry, all based on one colorful bird: the Peacock! They used a variety of materials in their creations, to include fabric, paint, opalescent glass, fine metals and bronze, and enamel.

Regarded by many cultures as a symbol of wealth, beauty and rebirth, peacocks were also a symbol of royalty. Indian rulers would have servants cool them with peacock feather fans. Japan regarded Peacocks as a symbol of dignity and beauty. Images of these beauties can also be found in early Christian tomb art, and were a favorite motif in ancient Rome and Byzantium.

Feathers of the Peacock ©2018 by Cynthia RutledgeFeathers of the Peacock is my interpretation of a more contemporary approach to a timeless inspiration. Three "feather" shapes are filled with embellished Swarovski pearls and linked together for a fabulous focal point. All of the feather shapes and the necklace straps are created in cubic right-angle weave. The pearl embellishments, buttons and the necklace connector utilize peyote stitch, netting and embellishing techniques.

Workshop: This is a one-day workshop

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

Necklace length: My samples of this design are 17.5 inches long from the tip of the necklace connector to the opposite button.

Cubic right angle weave
Embellishing techniques
Flat and tubular peyote stitch

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